Ladd Marsh Clean-up Day March 16

Join us to do a little spring cleaning on Ladd Marsh Saturday March 16 beginning at 9:00 am.  Participants will meet at Ladd Marsh Headquarters, 59116 Pierce Rd, at 9:00 am to sign in.  Each participant will receive a one-day access permit and parking permit plus trash bags and nitrile gloves.  We also have a few “picker-upper-thingies” to loan to those who wish to use them.  Armed with these tools and a permit, participants will then be free to roam the wildlife area, on foot only please, picking up litter and wind-blown trash as well as bird watching, photography, hiking, whatever.  Trash picked up as well as leftover bags, gloves and tools, will be dropped off at Headquarters before participants depart for home. Be sure to wear waterproof boots and clothes appropriate to spring in northeast Oregon. Bring water and snacks if you wish.  Any time the Friends of Ladd Marsh get together we have a good time visiting and telling stories so this should be fun as well as very much needed.  If you have any questions, call Cathy at Ladd Marsh 541-963-4954.

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