2018 Bird Festival Speaker Announced

The speaker for the 2018 Friday evening festival kick-off will be Kendrick Moholt!  His presentation is titled:

In Search of the Crowbar:
Discovering Mythical Creatures Across Planet Earth

Are creatures less real because we haven’t experienced them ourselves? Do fantastic creatures beyond our imagination actually exist in our world? And, do we have to travel to the ends of the earth to find seemingly mythical beasts? Kendrick will take us on a journey to find out.

Kendrick Moholt, a resident of Wallowa County, Oregon has worked as a zoologist, botanist, photographer and natural history instructor for more than thirty years in North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, and Africa.

Kendrick grew up chasing snakes and climbing trees in Western Oregon but spent all his summers from the age of 8 through graduate school studying and teaching at a natural history field station in Central Oregon.  He received a BS in zoology from Oregon State University and a MS in avian behavior from Idaho State University.  In the following years he traveled the world birding, botanizing, teaching, doing biological field research, and capturing images of wild creatures and places with film and digital photography.  At this time Kendrick is co-owner of Bio-Resources, Inc., a biological consulting firm, and runs a photography business.  As a man of art and science, Kendrick studies biology to satisfy a need for empirical thought while photography fills the need for aesthetic expression. Kendrick’s travels to wild and remote corners of the world celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet.