Learning Kits

Learning kits for use on youth field trips to Ladd Marsh are available.   Teachers may call the Ladd Marsh office (541-963-4954) to reserve the use of these kits on the marsh.  Unfortunately, we cannot loan these materials for classroom use at this time.  Kits may be picked up at Ladd Marsh headquarters on Pierce Road for field trip use.  The following kits are available: Bird Identification, Animal Tracks, Aquatic and Terrestrial Invertebrates, Bird Songs.  Descriptions of these kits are available here.  Please let us know if you have ideas for other kits that we can build, or if you would like to help build new kits!

The following Learning Kits are available at this time.  Please call the Ladd Marsh headquarters office (541-963-4954) to reserve use of the kits.

Bird Identification

Kit contains 12 pairs of binoculars, bird field guides, and species checklists.

Animal Tracks

Kit contains plaster casts of a wide variety of bird and animal feet that can be used to imprint tracks in sand, soil or plaster.

Aquatic and Terrestrial Invertebrates

Kit contains nets for collecting aquatic invertebrates, simple ID guides to inverts in Ladd Marsh ponds, buckets and trays.  Aerial nets and beating sheets are available for catching terrestrial invertebrates.

Bird Songs

Kit contains a large book with illustrations and songs of all birds of North America.  Song recordings are from the Cornell Library.