Wildlife Viewing

The Tule Lake Public Access Area is open 7 days per week March 1 through July 31 each year. The public access area consists of approximately 400 acres of seasonal wetlands with a one-mile auto route, several miles of trails and a restroom. An ADA accessible boardwalk and viewing platform is located near the north end of the auto route, and an ADA accessible view blind is south of the parking area.

The Glass Hill Unit is open to access April 1 through January 31 for wildlife viewing, hiking, horseback riding and other activities. Motorized travel is prohibited. Be aware that this unit is open to game bird and big game hunting during authorized seasons; wearing blaze orange is recommended at these times.

The Nature Trail, with its entrance just east of Interstate 84, is open to hiking and wildlife viewing year-round. Hunting and motorized travel beyond the parking area are prohibited on the Nature Trail. While the wetlands associated with this 1.25 mile trail have become overgrown with time, raptors, passerines and other birds may still be found in the area.

The Foothill Road Viewpoint is accessible year-round from Foothill Road, 5 miles south of La Grande. Looking to the east and south, visitors are often rewarded with views of large flocks of waterfowl and Sandhill Cranes.

Virginia rail

All units of the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area (LMWA) except Refuges and Safety Zones and except Glass Hill during the winter closure period, are open to access Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays August 1 – January 31. Motorized travel is prohibited. The area is closed between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am. Access during this time is not limited to hunting but is open to all users. There will be times of day, time of the season and area of the wildlife area with little or no hunting activity. Birders are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to view the marsh’s winter residents. An ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permit is required to park in LMWA parking areas.