Ladd Marsh Geography

[The following information is provided by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.]

The Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area is located in the southwest corner of the Grande Ronde Valley, about 7 miles south of La Grande, in Union County, Oregon.  Administered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, it lies at about 2,800 feet in elevation and is just over 6,000 acres in size.  The wildlife area harbors some of the few remaining areas of undisturbed, native valley floor vegetation and constitutes a critical ecological enclave for biodiversity.

Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area is comprised of a variety of both upland and wetland habitats including conifer forest, upland shrub, grassland, wet meadow and seasonal emergent wetland.  This habitat diversity contributes to the wide array of plant and animal species found on the marsh.

For information about the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area, call the headquarters office at: 541-963-4954 or visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Ladd Marsh website.

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